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this is this morning basic of the hostage standoff outside of the bunker and alabama. the latest on negotiations and the help of the young boy being held. >> it is super bowl sunday the ravens the 40 niners take to the field to decide who will hoist the lombardi trophy. we have the final practices and predictions >> and more hardware for rg3. the redskins rookie lands another prestigious award. welcome to fox five morning
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sunday and happy super bowl sunday. a lot of you are getting prepared to the big game. david has turned into an unofficial holiday in the u.s. rocky parrish and jeff crowley are here to break down the big game for us. the weather also a big story for most of us. in case you missed it is thing is they missed punxsutawney phil made an annual production he did not see his shadow. if bill doesn't see his shadow we are going to get an early spring. despite predictions the winter weather did returns no for much of the evening giving the nice thin blanket over the white stuff. this is a second round we've seen in second days. not too much left on the road but there were icy patches out there this morning and it can be slippery so be careful. >> another chilly start to the day. gwen talbert in the weather center. >> any floors for today? [ indiscernible ] yes. we're dealing with a series of
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cryptosystems that continues to bring up these prayers as they move through but they are moving too quickly and is sticking around for a little longer. let's look at our maps. here's a satellite radar composite and you can see some of the lights no moving its way through the area. we're not out of the clear yet. we have more to come through today as another clever system is its way through. a lot of cloud cover as well. for areas to the west there are advisories in effect and winter storm watch. in effect wednesday evening into tuesday for the allegheny front and grant and pendleton. elsewhere there is a winter weather advisory with three to 4 inches possible. it's cold up there and bundle up. temperatures into the time. today a high of 37. >> we'll be up here just a little bit. the hype and the talk of the
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predictions will soon be over. it is time for the ravens and 40 niners to face-off insuperable 47. the game is expected to be the biggest event of the year. last year more than 111 million people watched in the u.s. this year the podcast will be shown in more than 185 countries around the world. >> fans from all over the world continue to poor into the big easy. they are being greeted with classic sounds of music that the city has made famous. .-dot everyone look at the city game in person. the seating capacity is 76,500. the ravens other final walk- through yesterday and players were joined by family members at practice. the event was like a pep rally about 600 people on hand. there were walking through and coach harbaugh invited 11 busloads of family and friends. these walk-throughs cap off two weeks of preparation.
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there is a high fingers and bans practicing and performing all weekend long. beyonci and justin timberlake are among the a listers. >> fans are looking forward to the big game and the parties the food but excited for the super bowl ads. fox actually did work as a look at the high-priced commercials. >> super bowl 47 is adjusted showdown between the two best teams in football. it's also a showdown between advertisers. >> this year the sponsors are going between $3.8 million and $4 million. $4 million is a record and allows these brands to get huge reach to get their message out and to mov cars and sell beer and soda >> millions are spent selling these commercials with high concept ideas and big-name stars and
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memorable results. he was will be talking about the next day. >> [ music ] beer after popular once again budweiser clydesdale will make an appearance. >> they will have an interesting crowd sourcing trick where they will have people go to the name of the baby clydesdale which will appear in the ad. >> no worries man. everything will be all right. >> volkswagen is attracting controversy >> of god complained that it has racial. i disagree. office workers -- they throw when a character that has a jamaican accent and i think it is more playful >> sports illustrated kate austen appears in us that for mercedes. >> shall is greatly where is the car. that one is causing chatter.
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>> go daddy is taking a different approach. >> they use humor instead of -- so that has a lot of promise >> hollow it is using moving vans up reviews about coming blockbusters including the lone ranger and ironman three >> with all this anticipation it seems this year may be just as big over what's happening between p lays. >> there is probably a larger audience to see how these after coming through and what has completed the messages that their coming out with >> dave, you are for minnesota right? [ indiscernible ] yes i am. >> in new york ashley dvorkin >> maryland governor martin o'malley of baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings are in new orleans to support the ravens. the poor driver to louisiana yesterday. after the storm both% 150
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police, fire and public employees to gretna and st. bernard parish to help with recovery efforts. >> we continue to follow a developing story out of alabama. it is day six of the hostage standoff in midland. young boys being held inside a small homemade bunker by 65-year-old man. hostage negotiator tiffany contacted them but they are trying to figure out what the man wants. craig boswell has the latest >> i know last night one of the questions was asked about the child's condition >> investigators believe the 5-year-old little boy snatched from his school bus tuesday has not been physically harmed. >> we have electric heaters and blankets inside. is also allowed us to provide color books and medication, toys. >> authorities remain in contact contact with jimmy lee dykes for a
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pbc pipe >> this is an animation about the bunker is believed to look like based on police and eyewitness accounts. if more than 100 hours of the ordeal began >> they have -- appeal to his sense of duty. he was a former navy personnel in vietnam. again whatever issues he has with the government he has to also know that the as of the world are on h im. he's not going to be hurt. >> voice family is keeping close with a local pastor >> it's amazing how well they are holding together in faith and believing this central to get to come home. >> the visual is being had -- held every evening and meanwhile a service was held for the bus driver >> it's a lot of pain and for the bus driver he is a hero but also gone >> that was fox craig boswell reporting funeral services for mr. paul will be held today. investigators say sulyhose a li he's holding hostage.
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dozens of community members and officials gathered in northeast remember jim parker jones. the transgender warmer and was stabbed to death 1 year ago today as she waited at the corner beast n-uppercase-letter sycamore road. gary montgomery was arrested. family members are appreciative to the public >> we cannot express how thankful we all are for all of the courageous humanitarian acts >> my grammar is facing a charge of 6-degree murder but is not been charged with a crime. mayor says he plans to speak with the attorney general to see if the change needs to be made. the u.s. attorney's office says it has pursued hate crime enhancements in other cases they can't comment on this case because attending >> fox five follow-up prosecutors in baltimore rest of their
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case. defense lawyers forget% their site for man charged in the murder of the north carolina teenager. michael morris johnson is accused of killing felicia wearnes the 16-year-old was visiting relatives when she disappeared in d ecember 20-1/0. her body was found in the subsequent a river. there is no dna evidence linking their clients to the claim. >> a community in maryland is still morning after a tragic house fire. they killed two young sisters this week in myers spell. the willard family lost two of their daughters ages six and three to a fast-moving fire thursday night. >> it's a tight if someone needs help we are all together. it's great. if they're births or deaths in the family you name it we all come together. >> the community has raised $25,000 to help the family rebuilt after losing their loved ones in their home. their collection points over town for the family. we put information my fox
8:11 am for you. still no word on the cause. >> more accolades for robert griffin the third. the quarterback receives another award for his breakout of the season. we'll hear how he jokes about his knees and surgery >> off the wall coming up with super bowl edition and we have some predictions and there is time to make a pick are you ready? >> i have studied tape. >> i need boxes of boxes -- >> here is your answer. predictions coming. >> that your house on it, don't [ laughter ]. ñ
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warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. >> is for robert griffin the third was named the nfl offense of rookie of the year. griffin beat out .-dot guys like andrew luck, russell wilson in his own teammate alfred morris. rg3 becomes the first redskin to win this award. mike thomas won it in 1975.
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brethren said numerous records of 815 yards and he didn't let his knee injury stop you from flying to the big easy to get the award in person. >> is truly a blessing to be up here and stand 1st and foremost. y at the end of the season but i think the coaches and umpires and i want to give a hand clap for alfred morris my running back to his up for this award. all the competition was extremely good and seems like the league is in good hands but again quarterbacks. in closing i want to say sometimes is not what you get for your team it's what you are willing to give for them. thank you guys. >> we'll said. congratulations to tackle jonathan ogden. in the first-ever ravens draft
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pick was inducted into the hall of fame. fellow inductees include head coach bill parcells, wide receiver cris carter and defensive tackle warren sapp. in this mornings often while it is all about super bowl 47. dave roth and martin debate which quarterback will shine of the big stage but only one of them has the courage to predict who will win the big game >> off the wall martin needs super bowl edition. >> we will get your picks in a moment >> it is super bowl time. i'm not in new orleans but i'm in new orleans mode. >> is a new orleans party. >> to >> 2 million of those deniers [ laughter ] >> most of the time it's going to be the guy that makes the
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mistake more so than the guy that will win the. we'll make the critical mistakes? more faith than? colin kapernick or pull joe flacco. >> @been breaking down tape and watch games for hours while i was eating my deniers. i weiss is to quarterbacks and i think colluded that i don't have any idea who will make the first mistake because kapernick is the youngest of the two. he only started nine games >> you deduced nothing. >> but nine games. >> he's been outstanding for the most part. everything is good. he's a young guy so you just don't know when he may hit the wall. candidate -- handle the big stage. >> so far he has done well. you just know when he's going to stop. on the other side you you have joe flacco has been outstanding of the playoffs. the regular season he has to get play. you will never know when that runs
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out. >> well you answer the question. >> which will be the best? >> i don't no. [ laughter ]. this is going to be really tight. >> let's break it down. if i had faith dated one guy over the other cool joe flacco. that's right. >> i will pray for you. kapernick is a wildcard in could be the highest of highs the deed -- be down low. joe will be they big [ laughter ]. >> it's addiction time. eaten all those been days >> who are you picking and why? 4- give me an mvp. >> i watched all the tape in drinking my h2o and i've come to the conclusion is going to come down to whoever makes the least amount of mistakes which every defense keep the other team.
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that your house in the team our scoring the most points at the g ame. >> the people demand it and i wanted. >> the team that scores the most points. >> we will cancel the show. >> i will walk off the set of ego make a prediction >> i'm taking the [ indiscernible ] >> the numbers never lie >> wednesday will get him to make up. the was of the texas face the spurs john wall's started despite his shoulder. he caught fire within six. the first going to win 96-86. in college hoops georgetown defeated st. john's come in maryland question wake forest the virginia tech's loss to florida and american holds on to defeat lafayette. former navy seal who made
8:20 am
headlines for his best-selling autobiography down debt at a gun range in texas. we have eyewitness account on the death of chris kyle >> five men accused of raping and killing a young woman in india last month. there back in court. the new developments and we return  [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread? here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. [ malcrrkkhshziiiizzlllee. to this symphony of flavor: beautiful. shhhhshshshshhshshhhhhsshhhshs. gorgeous! here comes the crescendo. kkerrrrbbuuuuuucraaackkk. just...incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast.
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>> some of the stories making headlines. former navy seal and author has been shot at a texas gun range. chris kyle broke american sniper. witnesses say a man open fired on kyle killing him and another man yesterday afternoon and drove off in a pickup truck to belong to one of the victims. please have made arrest. and missing new york woman has been found dead in istanbul turkey. the body of sierra was discovered near the remnants of ancient city walls and the low-income district. the 33-year-old mother to two disappeared while vacationing a lone. her family heard from her on january 2/1 the day she was scheduled to return home. 11 people held for questioning
8:24 am
>> in india five men accused of raping and killing a young woman last month have all pleaded not guilty. the 230 v was gang raped was taking the bus. she was kidnapped and taken someplace where she was repeatedly assaulted. the cases brought worldwide outrage. the five and could face a penalty if convicted. >> @fox five news alert on the scam happening here the district. from a dc area code is today to work for the u.s. grants office. this camera has been ripping people off by getting their bank account numbers and other information. to get his similar call don't fall for it. reported to the federal trade commission. >> the social networking site under announced it may have been hacked an estimated 250,000 accounts may have been compromised. company called the attack sophisticated and it is not the work of amateurs. if your your count is affected and we'll send you an e-mail asking you to create a new password. the new new york times and wall street journal also reported
8:25 am
breaches this week. >> the debate over gun violence rages on. this past week the senate held its first hearings since the new count shooting. two key witnesses at his hearings after our show and we will get a preview from chris wallace. plus the dc region gets another dusting of snow and there may be more in your future. went on through will be back to look at is whether any work the preview >> your capital runtime with tom fitzgerald. >> we're back with a look at the new and no word the week ahead. on monday kathleen civilians the secretary of the u.s. department of health and human services delivers the opening address the national healthcare policy conference and is being held at the grand hyatt in washington. tuesday february /5 the house veterans affairs committees hold hearings on the effectiveness of the 100% temporary disability
8:26 am
rating for veterans. that's a 2:00 p.m. on wednesday february /6 division commanders from national guard to run the country come to washington for the annual session of the national guard advisory council. that begins at 6:00 p.m. at the national guard memorial building on massachusetts avenue. february /7 intelligence committee will hold confirmation hearings on john brennan to be the next director of the cia. that begins at 2:30 p.m. and rooms to 16. on friday february /8 former commander in afghanistan retired general mcchrystal will address the aspen institute regarding his memoir and removal by president obama. >> aspen institute is that one dupont circle. that is a rundown for the week of february 420-1/3. you can find more on my thoughts and twitter hash tag y-uppercase-letter down. we'll see you next week
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>> it will be hard but the time is now. you must act. the bolt, be courageous, americans are counting on you. >> former arizona congressman gifford on the first senate hearing on gun violence since the new town connecticut shootings. the hearings underlined the deep divisions over how to reduce mass shootings and this is today's big topic on fox news sunday. host chris wallace joins us for that year today's program. >> good morning and that testimony halting as it was by gabby giffords was a dramatic as i've ever seen on capitol hill. this was a woman who was so
8:31 am
smart and so quick and one of the rising stars in american politics and two be brutally shot in the head she had a remarkable recovery but still two years later you can see the effect it's had at the top of the are we will have an exclusive interview with her husband former astronaut mark kelly as well as wayne lapierre the head of the national rifle association and we will try to separate reality from rhetoric and get into what would work and what would work in their various arguments and there've been new developments we have that picture that's gone viral of the president skeet shooting at camp david. presque isle the american sniper who was killed yesterday in a texas gun range. the story continues to build >> it's a chris gives the rundown because there have been so many different pieces to this and calls for action proposals. what measures are making their way to the dock it's now? >> there hasn't been a formal
8:32 am
-- yes, senator feinstein is passed legislation were offered legislation. it isn't really going to the process. they just had hearings. there are three major proposals and i'll give you a morning line as two where they stand. first is the idea of an assault weapons ban like we had for 10 years starting in 94. diane feinstein proposing that. that we'll have the hardest time passing. there are some indications the white house realizes that we'll have a difficult time. some more likely is a limit on the size of these high-capacity magazines that carey 30 rounds. 100 rounds. and i think there is a better chance that could get through. the thing that has the best chance is a greatly expanded were possibly even universal background check. arguments about the numbers but whether it's 20 or 30 or 40% a large number of gun sales in this country there is no check to see whether the person has a history of mental illness or criminal record.
8:33 am
i think that has the best chance in fact the polls showed 90% of americans support that idea. >> speaking of that today during the super bowl mayors against gun violence -- the group headed by michael bloomberg up to super bowl at times and it's going to run here in the dc market but it shows wayne lapierre saying the nra could support universal background c hecks. does the nra really believe this are making the statement because that's what they have to do as a lobbying group no, i give them the courage of their convictions. i think they meet with a say. in fairness the statement by lapierre where he supported universal background checks was in 1999. they have not changed their position on that and oppose it. we will be talking to him at the top of the hour and ask about it. >> one more exam.
8:34 am
it's going to be a gourmet super bowl party. >> i will be with you there in spirit. thanks so much chris. >> you can catch fox five news sunday after our show. >> the white house did release a photo a presidential obama having a gun. skeet shooting in camp they give it in august. the photo releases part of the a strategy to show the president is sympathetic to gun owners and opponents of his new gun control measures >> attorney to whether glenn talbert turning to us. i should've been surprised because it's been so cold. flurries but it wasn't one that kept coming >> that's because we have these clippers that a movie quickly giving birth here and they're and not a whole lot in terms of accumulation of the .et's take and will show you what we're talking about. these low-pressure systems will continue to do that over the course of the next few days so be p repared. a lot of cloud coverage for their moving through quickly so not
8:35 am
sitting over us and dumping huge amounts of snow. across the allegheny front the mountains impact of northwestern virginia into the panhandle they are seeing a lot more accumulation but the usually do in this areas and that is where we have advisories and winter storm watches and allegheny and pendleton forages possible and we -- this storm watch for monday evening into tuesday and advisory until seven o clock p.m. for tucker and garrett in person. here we have some growth conditions and here's a look at the highs yesterday into the low 30s today we will be warming up into the mid to upper 30s melanie. >> i will be warmer >> we had more snow showers coming our way as we move through into the fourth -- rest of the day. be prepared this afternoon to see more of it flying around >> it doesn't cause too much disruption then it's pretty. >> thanks gwen.
8:36 am
>> and other popular novel makes its way to the big screen. it's a harmonic -- romantic comedy. >> we'll hear from one of the stars of the film. we'll be right back oh! oh! ♪ what do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter. with a free breakfast made just the way you like it. with a breakfast like this, you could pretty much handle anything. anything? anything.
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and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant their new movie warm bodies is a romeo and juliet of the zombie loving crowd. the comedy romance centers around a girl alive who finds himself falling for a guy who may be dead but still has serious boyfriend potential. fox five the reviewer kevin mccarthy talks with teresa palmer who leads >> in the beginning when you are explaining how humans essentially become zombies -- there on their phones all the time so as an actress and dealing with e- mails all the time what is your balance of staying off your phone and the
8:40 am
media and to put it aside? 2- i think these days with the onslaught of twitter and social media and the things you can get wrapped up in that stuff and for me i have -- it's another technical thing that i have a website www. warm philanthropy and mutuality and meditation. i do that and go to pilates and yoga. >> under the idea of the mind of everything you are seeing now you may be seeing for the last time. >> if you could watch in one movie the rest of her life what would that one movie be. >> romeo and juliet because if that love story but if action and beautiful purple. and amazing music and colorful and i think it says a lot about society and it's a special movie. >> i think you nailed the american accented this movie. is perfect and i want to ask
8:41 am
you as an actress what is the hardest part about the the american accented when the words that are troublesome >> it's funny because everyone asks me as an aussie to say no because if i can a and then i. i would say the owners are the hardest like no. no. is so different from the way we say it >> he says that have every vowel and consonant from the english dictionary sounds weird. >> my dialect coach base me say father mother brother sister and something else. i forgot. it is the ace and wrapping your tongue around that. i grow up watching american television and it feels easier for me to do that >> kevin says he liked warm bodies
8:42 am
it says the movie got three and half stars out of five. >> super bowl 47 is finally here and they're plenty of sidebar story lines and none more so than powerball so which coach will raise the trophy? they're here to break down the big game for us. >> we have some cold conditions here and snow to talk about but nothing like the temperatures in new orleans. we will have details coming up. stay with this by forecast after the break. the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. [ male abeautiful. listen to this symphony oflavor: shhhhshshshshhshshhhhhsshhhshs. gorgeous! here comes the crescendo. kkerrrrbbuuuuuucraaackkk. just...incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast.
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8:46 am
the field in new orleans. the 40 niners came in as favorites and will break that down in a few minutes. >> we have some winter weather to talk about. very cold conditions and some of you have experience the light snow but there's more to come. and get right to it. we have a lot of clouds out there as you can see and i left here last night and had two brushes snow off of my car. many of you had to do the same this morning if you're heading out. but we have but we have a little bit more to contend with so so his look outside and you can see the clouds in full force and begin with a look at our weather headlines and starting off of the fact there is some light snow and getting a few more rounds of that as well. chilly days and cold nights in a forecast and gusty winds ahead but the good news we have a warm coming up that will hit us as we move into the later part of the week. here's an look at yesterday's h ighs. 32 degrees at reagan national airport and 30 at dulles and 29 at bwi marshall.
8:47 am
13 or 40 degrees within the seasonal average. 37 this morning. only 21 at baltimore and 29 and nablus and 21 at hagerstown. at the eight here in dc. we're talking about a lot of clouds and the moving snow that are pushing through and we have a series of low pressure systems clippers that pushed their way through and moving quickly heading to the mid atlantic and that will be a continuing pattern as we head to the next days. the most snow accumulation is through areas of our west. this afternoon we're looking at another burst of that snow heading through. moving to quickly. would've have a lot of accumulation to contend with in the dc metro areas but across the mountains it's a different story. a lot of cold air is in place and this clippers are following right after the other. we have another one to deal with into the beginning of the week before we get a break with that cold air staying in place to be
8:48 am
prepared. here's a look at future cast. we will see it around this afternoon, monday into tuesday we have a stronger system coming through with that and his a look at monday as we push through -- that did make it all the way through by looking at a possibility of the chelating snow monday night into tuesday. we have winter storm watches and advisories in effect. for monday evening into tuesday morning. the advisory until seven o clock tonight and areas of the mountains where we could see 4-8 inches. here 37 degrees today for our high. little or no accumulation. for tonight 24 degrees and winds will pick up and gusty winds at 25 miles per hour. set ourselves up for windshields and it will feel like it's only in the teens in the course of tonight with eating snow showers. if you're in new orleans we did
8:49 am
want to be there. his a look at our fox five accuweather seven day forecast. evening snow showers on tuesday before we are back to partly sunny and temperatures will get warmer. let's check in with melanie. >> the major storyline for super bowl 47. the first time brothers had coached against each other. john harbaugh against jim of the 40 niners. the two siblings squared off thanksgiving 2011 with the ravens winning. today will span a full range of emotions for the entire harbaugh family >> the one thing i do think about is after the game will be one winner and is going to be one disappointed. and my thoughts go to that one that will not experience this.
8:50 am
every parent can identify with t hat. the agony of defeat and on sunday night both of those great emotions will be in our thoughts >> what will the difference make for super bowl 47? each team has solid on defense and offense but it's a tale of two different cornerbacks. bracket pairs from the cabin and rock show is here and jeff crowley is here >> i don't have strong feelings about either one but i'm not sure a lot of people here in this area do. one of the keys to begin to make it interesting. what should i be looking for >> i'll let jeff go for. >> quarterback play. we talked about that. joe flacco will show up and 10: kapernick can't handle the p ressure. one of the first games i way -- watched cabinet plays a pro he
8:51 am
gave the game away. well with the handle the spotlight? that's a question. >> other the good food until halftime it will be about joe flacco and the team goes if he goes and he has been inconsistent. he step this game off at the playoffs. >> he's one of those journeyman football players and not a star but he caught fire all of a sudden. >> is the elites and my thought processes if you have to ask if he is he's not. if you have to ask if a girl is pretty then she's not. >> i'm a big fan of joe flacco. i think he is an elite quarterback so defensive your definition. some people say an elite quarterback has to be looked top e. at the guy wins easily. joe flacco last year did everything he could to get his ravens to the super bowl. lee evans with his butterfingers and kicker missing the field- goal they would have won the super bowl
8:52 am
last year >> grossman is not elite. everyone can be a lead. everyone can be elite quarterback and i think the overuse the word first of all and i think is being thrown around too much. >> quarterback controversy here. as coaches jim and johnson. this is a great storyline. what are there styles and you do you think will perform better in this environment >> i think john is going to perform better in this arena. he is round really tight. when they did the team picture here is the one that organized where everybody is going to stand but you have to have organization for that. he has to relax and i think john is way more laid-back and i think that will be what will be the difference today. >> i don't think you will be the difference in the coaches because everyone will be wound up today because the situation neither have been situation neither have been i n. we will come to the players or
8:53 am
relaxing and being themselves. >> another storyline has been ray lewis. his final game. forget the deer antlers spray and everything but that may stay with him as part of his legacy. for him or ray rice who needs to step it up does this environment elevate people supply or do they sometimes freak out too much? >> there's no question a guy like ray lewis loves the spotlight and loves the spotlight answer for him it will elevate his game. there's no question >> i don't think there will be a magical thing that happens with ray it being the last game pushing everyone i think everyone will come in prepared and play the game. the ravens have a great chance of pulling it out regardless of ab raised demeanor. he will be up because of what's going on. >> the 40 niners -- 4- are the favorite in this game by a little bit. what you think? >> i like the ravens to win big
8:54 am
3 4-17. >> i'm going with the ravens but closer 28-24. >> here's the tough thing. you are a philly fan assuming you are dire washington than. how do you roots of baltimore? because -- i don't think it's a question of do i prefer that 4- or the ravens. >> is >> it out of pure necessity professionalism. i'm not really -- rooting for either team. i think you will be two great teams playing but purely out of professional courtesy. >> can you root for the ravens? >> harbaugh came from billy as a coach in one casteel will is there. joe flacco from south jersey. >> you had to find a way, hot [ laughter ] >> thank you for joining us. give me more perspective on the game and i'll see you enjoy you're super bowl parties today. >> all eyes may be of the super
8:55 am
bowl that some will also be watching the ninth annual hockey pool of people later today. [ laughter ]. we will tell you what this is all about and the details of a friendly wager for a couple of breweries we come back  [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome. but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese, cover it with crescent dough and pow! cheeseburger crescent casserole. double awesome. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. [ malcrrkkhshziiiizzlllee. to this symphony of flavor: beautiful. shhhhshshshshhshshhhhhsshhhshs. gorgeous! here comes the crescendo.
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>> super bowl 47 is here. a couple of breweries from the t eam's perspective. a friendly wager between the flying three in frederick maryland and the san francisco-based anchor bring company. the loser must for that accompanies the company spirit cap room for one week and they have to be in the winners super bowl championship beer. >> if you need a break during the big game today let's -- animal plant is said to air it's ninth annual probable. you can watch different breeds compete with stuffed toys. i to no about this. trying to keep. the shows produces this event is about raising adoption awareness >> there is always a message behind the bullets -- we are trying to where the message of awareness.
8:59 am
>> there are some substance behind the style >> the puppy bowl airs today on animal planet. that would be a good thing to tune in for. >> i think so, two. >> in terms of the game the puppy bowl >> today will be a good day to do things you are not going to have to worry about the weather because it will be cold and you may want to stay inside and tune into the game which allowed in front of a movie or the puppy bowl because we have some light snow coming through in the afternoon. here's a look at what we can expect in the week ahead. monday night for snow showers coming away. gusty winds and this gusty winds will kick it tonight so we're talking significant wind chills of two 30 miles per hour. tuesday we start out with a bit of sun and 37 degrees but then in the evening we are back to once again that light snow so be prepared. and if you happen to no anybody that might be going to new orleans or is there for

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